• An efficient, dynamic assistance service

    Whether working or on the road, your GRÉGOIRE machine always operates at the peak of its performance, even under conditions that can severely test the mechanical and electronic components. GRÉGOIRE's assistance service comprises professional operators working in more than 50 EXCLUSIVE dealers and approved workshops, where you can be sure your GRÉGOIRE equipment will undergo in-depth functional tests.

    The qualified technical personnel at your dealer's workshop can provide routine assistance services, including maintenance and replacement of wear parts, repairs and functional checks, thanks to a large stock of original spare parts.

    The service quality is always a priority. To this end, all technical personnel attend training programmes and regular refresher courses to guarantee optimal performance for your equipment. GRÉGOIRE offers a state of the art assistance service for the very best daily support, to ensure GRÉGOIRE customers get the highest level of satisfaction.

  • Maintenance kits: Choose one of GRÉGOIRE's service packages: an exclusive offer for agricultural equipment

    GRÉGOIRE's maintenance packages have been created for forward-looking, demanding users. They enable you to maintain the key components on your equipment while minimising costs and ensuring correct operation all year round.

    The maintenance kits, along with the operations carried out by your GRÉGOIRE specialist, guarantee optimal service costs. These packages can be combined with beneficial winter storage conditions to ensure you're well prepared for the coming season.