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820 cm3 wheel motors (or optional 1260 cm3) give GT3 high-clearance capability even in the most difficult conditions. An automatic mode automatically adjusts the transmission so that you always benefit from the best possible gradeability.

GT3 offers the convenience of a self-propelled machine in a towed package, with a large 8.4" touch screen and a modern, intuitive multifunction joystick for setting and managing harvesting parameters. These features make machine management simple and precise. Cutting-edge on-board technology supports the winegrower during operation, making it easy to set up and operate the machine.

GT3 offers optimum work quality, both in terms of work rate and respect for the vines. Its long harvesting head, equipped with two shaker supports and a large flake train, allows it to work at high speed. A record storage capacity means you can work for long periods without having to empty. ARC² shakers ensure that the trellising is respected and that the berries are completely unhooked. Gentle, efficient cleaning is provided by vacuum cleaners. For complete sorting, the machine can also be fitted with the optional EASYclean integrated sorter, which ensures thorough de-stemming and cleaning of the harvest without trituration.

Numerous access points have been positioned around the GT3 to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. A large platform provides access to the machine's upper components for total maintenance in complete safety. A remote control allows tools or buckets to be operated from the ground without having to return to the cab, saving precious time at the end of the day.

GT3 is capable of evolving in all conditions. Its 700mm of elevation means it can safely negotiate steep slopes, sloping vineyards and stairways. Large wheel motors (optional) enhance the GT3's ability to climb. Its steerable drawbar and row-following sensors make it easy to maneuver in and out of rows. Narrow buckets (optional) allow access to intermediate vines from 1.50 m between rows.



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