• Engines and engine spare parts: high design standards

    When you choose GRÉGOIRE equipment, you also choose a DEUTZ engine for its power and reliability. The latest generation of this engine, available from 4 to 6 cylinders and 125 to 200 hp, is specially adapted for harvesting machines.

  • GRÉGOIRE oriGinal filters: guaranteed safety for you and your equipment

    GRÉGOIRE oriGinal fluid and air filters have been specially designed for your equipment. They protect mechanical and hydraulic components from all impurities and improve engine performance. They also ensure a comfortable working environment in the cab.

  • GRÉGOIRE hydraulic hoses guarantee optimal safety

    More than 500 m of hoses are used on a G8.270. Manufactured by GRÉGOIRE, the hoses are carefully checked from the production stage up to the point when your equipment is commissioned.

  • GRÉGOIRE transmissions combine power and performance to adapt to all situations

    GRÉGOIRE transmissions offer maximum drive torque. Power distribution is optimised; difficult shifts, even on steep slopes, are facilitated thanks to the TWINlock anti-slip system and the dual displacement wheel motor.

  • GRÉGOIRE sealing scales are designed to minimise loss and ensure a perfect seal

    Thanks to the technology used in the material and the pneumatic device, GRÉGOIRE sealing scales do not require maintenance. The absence of a mechanical system minimises wear and corrosion.

  • GRÉGOIRE belts guarantee careful treatment of vegetation and exceptional reliability

    GRÉGOIRE exclusive belts can be identified thanks to the GRÉGOIRE logo, their colour and a unique code. Their material and exclusive weave provide increased resistance to tearing and allow them to be repaired. The transverse profiles prevent the leaves from sticking to the belts and optimise the distribution of the harvest.

  • ARC shakers: exceptionally smooth operation and careful handling of vegetation

    GRÉGOIRE ARC shakers are made from an exclusive material which guarantees great reliability and reduced wear. They are moulded to prevent deformation, and their tapered form provides improved resistance to impacts and vibrations. Tests carried out under the supervision of a bailiff demonstrate a service life 2 to 3 times longer than adaptable shakers.