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GM7.4 is a compact and versatile carrier tractor equipped with a 143hp DEUTZ engine that complies with the latest anti-pollution standards (Stage V). This engine gives the GM7.4 high power for intensive use (harvesting, spraying, etc.). Coupled with the latest generation of POCLAIN wheel motors, they offer you increased maximum power (up to 25% more), guaranteeing a high-performance transmission. To optimise fuel consumption and noise level, GM7.4 automatically adapts its engine speed according to need.

Access to the cab is easy from the electric tilt ladder. As soon as it's activated, a welcome light is turned on and the GM7.4 screen starts up. All you have to do is get behind the driver's wheel and start working. Ergonomic and compact controls comprising the I-Monitor colour touchscreen and the fully customisable joystick give you total control of the machine. The GM7.4 has no fewer than 10 LED lights. More than 18,000 Lumens of lighting are available. GM7.4 is your partner in the world of connected viticulture with its range of new technologies (NEOtrack, NEOmap, ...).

The latest ARC2 harvesting head ensures fast, efficient harvesting while preserving the quality of the berries and the trellising. The AUTOpinch automatic pinch adjustment combined with the double pendularity guarantee total adaptation and flexibility. The pneumatic scale train ensures total watertightness and optimum respect for the vines. The crop is cleaned by 2 lower and upper hoovers or the optional EASYclean and AIRBLADE (option) sorting system. Large-capacity skips (2x13HL) ensure long autonomy and high output.

GM7.4 has been designed to require minimum maintenance. Daily cleaning of the machine is carried out quickly thanks to the large space available in the harvesting head and the large, secure central platform. A water column is even integrated directly into the harvesting head. This platform gives access to the entire upper part of the machine for easy maintenance and adjustments. Work at the end of the season (washing, maintenance) is as quick and straightforward as ever. The GM7.4 is in the GREGOIRE tradition.

The GM7.4 multipurpose carrier tractor can be fitted with front-mounted tools (via the GREGOIRE lift tool carrier) as well as a spray cell on the rear platform. This means that the GM7.4 can be used continuously as the vines grow. As GM7.4 is equipped with ISOBUS technology, the tools are directly recognised and controlled via the joystick and i-Monitor. This compact, manoeuvrable forwarder can be used in all types of vineyard and on all types of terrain, from 1.30m planting height upwards.



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