Simply efficient

GL6.4 makes GREGOIRE technology accessible to all. Powered by a 143hp DEUTZ engine and permanent hydrostatic 4-wheel drive, GL6.4 is ready to take on any challenge. An electronic engine speed control system allows continuous adaptation according to need and load. This equipment makes the GL6.4 extremely fuel-efficient, and therefore low-cost to run.

Access to the cab is via the electric tilt ladder. As soon as it's activated, a welcome light comes on and the GL6.4 screen starts up. All you have to do is get behind the wheel and start working. Ergonomic, compact controls with I-Monitor color touchscreen and fully customizable joystick give you total control of the machine. No fewer than 10 LED lights equip the GL6.4. Over 18,000 Lumens of lighting are available. GL6.4 benefits from GREGOIRE's cutting-edge technology for driver guidance and data acquisition.

While the GL6.4 is designed to be accessible to the widest possible audience, it makes no concessions when it comes to harvesting quality. It uses the components that have made GREGOIRE harvesting machines so famous: a wide harvesting head for great harvesting flexibility, a long flake train, ARC² shakers for optimum respect of foliage while ensuring complete berry removal. The harvest is then taken over by wide conveyors where it is cleaned by two vacuum cleaners before being stored in large skips. To further enhance sorting quality, the GL6.4 can also benefit from two overhead vacuum cleaners and the on-board EASYclean sorting system.

GL6.4 is as easy to maintain as it is to drive. You have quick, easy and perfect access to the areas to be cleaned. The large space available in the harvesting head (650mm between conveyors) guarantees easy access for all maintenance operations. The use of original GREGOIRE parts, synonymous with reliability and robustness, guarantees trouble-free harvesting and reduced maintenance costs.

The GL6.4 multipurpose forwarder can be fitted with front-mounted tools (via the GREGOIRE elevator tool carrier). This allows the GL6.4 to be used continuously throughout the vineyard's development. As GL6.4 is equipped with ISOBUS technology, tools are directly recognized and controlled via the joystick and i-Monitor. This compact, maneuverable forwarder can be used in all types of vineyard and on all types of terrain, from 1.50m planting.



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