Power under complete control in any situation

GL8.4 is a multipurpose, high-output forwarder with a powerful, economical 160hp DEUTZ 4-cylinder engine that meets the latest emission standards (Tier 4 final). This gives the GL8.4 plenty of power for unrivalled harvesting capacity. Coupled with POCLAIN's latest-generation wheel motors, they give you increased maximum clearance (up to 28%), guaranteeing a high-performance, efficient transmission. To optimise fuel consumption and noise levels, GL8.4 automatically adapts its engine speed according to need.

GL8.4 is equipped with the largest cab on the market. GREGOIRE has designed it’s cab with special care, focusing on a large working space, wide screen surface, upgraded soundproofing, reinforced safety and driver ergonomics. To ease access to the cab a single press on the outside opening switch will slide out the inclined ladder, turn the cab door sill light on and start the i-Monitor screen. To use the machine to its full potential GL8.4 integrate the latest easy-to-use technology : a i-Monitor touch screen (12”), Data storage, Headland sequencing, a fully customizable joystick with all machine functions and an exclusive transmission management. Connected harvest. Because growers today need more data to make the right decision GL8.4 can be equipped with the newest technology : NEOtrack, NEOmap and NEOmass

The latest GREGOIRE picking head ARC2 allow a quick and perfect pick with the best care for your vines. AUTOpinch combined with a double pendulum picking system ensure you a perfect flexibility and adaptability whatever the vineyard conditions. The pneumatic catcher tray guarantee a perfect water tightness and the adjustable rail pressure to minimize impacts on young plants. Harvest cleaning is operate by 2 bottom fans and 2 top fans or the new EASYclean sorting system. To reduce dumping time and increase productivity GL8.4 are fitted with two lateral stainless steel bins of 2000L or 1500L

Access & Maintenance Because regular maintenance means an uninterrupted harvest; from the very beginning GL8.4 has been designed to make every cleaning and maintenance operation easy. To make those operations easier GL8.4 has a large available space inside the picking tunnel, a simple working cinematic and an oversized upper platform. To save time and water GL8.4 also integrate a washing line that directly provide water to the top platform and a separate control box that gives you access to harvest function without having to enter the cab. Top deck that runs from the back to the front of the machine gives total freedom of movement to proceed maintenance, settings and access to centralized grease-points Like all former models of the range GL8.4 end of season works (washing & maintenance) are fast and minimal

GL8.4 tractor base can be equipped with front canopy management tools and multi-row sprayers. Automatic tool recognition using ISObus technology. Tools and sprayers are directly controlled by the harvester touchscreen and joystick. Coupling and uncoupling of multifunction tools is simple and quick using the centralized electric and hydraulic connections. GL8.4 tractor base is the perfect compromise between productivity, power, and manoeuvrability. Quick and efficient it suit all vineyard condition from 1.7-meter row



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