A turning circle of 3.60 m with the compact steering of the G7.200

This record-setting turning circle allows the new GRÉGOIRE G7.200 to offer unparalleled manoeuvrability.

The steering system is inspired by that of the GRÉGOIRE G4 (high clearance tractors for narrow vineyards).

The advantages are the following:

- Perfect visibility at the front of the machine: the driver has an unhindered view of the front wheels, the upper part of the row being worked, the entrance to the collection tunnel, and even the front implement (in the case of multi-purpose use).

- Soft and effortless steering: the steering control is effortless and particularly flexible. This allows for high-precision manoeuvrability.

- Exceptional handling: the rocker-free steering system also provides the G7.200 with excellent manoeuvrability. With a turning circle of less than 3.60 m, the tractor can even be easily manoeuvred in the most compact and difficult plots. Even "sharp corners" are rendered more accessible, thus preventing loss of time during work activities.

- Strength and durability: finally, the kinematics of the front wheels allows the operator to change directions with no need to slow down at the end of the row (if the topography permits). The manoeuvring times are optimised, and the work site's potential is significantly increased.

Together with the central GRÉGOIRE cabin, the new rocker-free steering system renders the G7.200 exceptional manoeuvrable.