Infallible in all circumstances

GREGOIRE GT1 is the solution for winegrowers looking for a machine that's easy to use, requires little power and delivers optimum harvest quality. Optional 800cm3 wheel motors enable it to cope with the most difficult working conditions. Oil pressure is easily managed from the machine's control terminal.

A multifunction joystick and numeric keypad allow you to control all GREGOIRE GT1 functions directly from the cab. An ergonomic, intuitive interface makes it easy to get to grips with the machine.

GREGOIRE GT1 is designed to be affordable, but makes no concessions when it comes to harvesting quality. It uses the components that have made GREGOIRE harvesting machines so famous: a wide harvesting head for great harvesting flexibility, a long flake train, and ARC² shakers for optimum respect of foliage while ensuring complete berry removal. The harvest is then taken over by wide conveyors where it is cleaned by two vacuum cleaners before being stored in large skips.

GREGOIRE GT1 is as easy to maintain as it is to drive. You have quick, easy and perfect access to the areas to be cleaned. The large space available in the harvesting head (650mm between conveyors) guarantees easy access for all maintenance operations. The use of original GREGOIRE parts, synonymous with reliability and robustness, guarantees trouble-free harvesting and reduced maintenance costs.

GREGOIRE GT1 is resolutely modular, enabling it to be used in all vineyards with inter-row spacings of 1.70 m or more. It has 500mm of lift, enabling it to work in complete safety even on steep slopes or on vineyards with slopes or steps. Large wheel motors, available as an option, give the machine a high level of crossing capacity. Its steerable drawbar and row-following sensors make it extremely maneuverable both in the row and at the end of the row.



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