Power and efficiency

POWERFLOW sprayers comprise a lightweight tubular chassis which is both simple and robust. The axles, which are positioned centrally and can be adjusted to the tractor's track width, offer excellent load distribution. The articulated drawbar, fitted on a bearing, improves handling. The POWERFLOW VTD is equipped with a smooth polyethylene tank to prevent damage to the vines. The rinsing tank and the hand wash reservoir are integrated into the main tank. This range is available with a choice of tank capacities to satisfy your requirements.

The spray product follows a circuit carefully designed and optimised by our developers. You add the product to a mixer screen which is then fed through a low pressure filter. It is circulated by a four-piston diaphragm pump with a sufficient capacity to ensure optimum priming of the circuit and efficient mixing. It is then conveyed to the regulation and distribution rail via a high pressure filter. The regulation and distribution controls vary according to the model: DPAE flow regulator for automatic management of the product amount, or manual regulation.

Suitable for row widths from 2 to 3.20m, the POWERFLOW VTD offers formidable efficiency in large vineyards. The 2-speed multiplier system with neutral allows the speed of the turbine, with a diameter of 750mm, to be modulated. The inverted air intake system prevents any recirculation of products or pick-up of debris. Stainless flaps support twin-jet diffusers tilted 30° backwards to help penetration of the product. A uniform air flow, directed horizontally, is provided by the exclusively designed DX'PLUS vertical tower, optimising distribution of the product over the plants.



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