High-yield grape harvesting machine

GREGOIRE GX9.6 is the grape harvester for high-yield vineyards. Its 190 hp, 6-cylinder Deutz engine enables it to cope with the highest yields. POCLAIN's permanent hydrostatic 4-wheel-drive transmission offers increased maximum clearance (up to 28%), guaranteeing a high-performance, efficient transmission.

Access to the cabin is via the tilting electric ladder. Activating it turns on a welcome light and starts GREGOIRE GX9.6 screen. All you have to do is get behind the wheel and start working. Ergonomic, compact controls with I-Monitor color touchscreen and fully customizable joystick give you total control of the machine. No fewer than 10 LED lights equip GREGOIRE GX9.6, providing over 18,000 Lumens of illumination.

GREGOIRE GX9.6 is equipped with an oversized harvesting module, ready to harvest heavily trellised vines in the most difficult conditions. The ARC² shakers, with their large active zone, enable efficient harvesting without damaging the foliage. The harvest is then transferred by wide conveyors to the skips. Cleaning is carried out by vacuum cleaners in the lower positions, supplemented by two upper vacuum cleaners.

An open harvesting head gives full access to all GREGOIRE GX9 harvesting head components for easy cleaning and maintenance. What's more, by grouping the various grease nipples on the harvesting head together, you can carry out effective maintenance in record time. Access to the upper part of the harvester head is safe thanks to a long, wide platform that allows access along the entire length of the machine.

The versatile GREGOIRE GX9.6 forwarder can be fitted with front-mounted tools (via the GREGOIRE elevator tool carrier), as well as a spray cell on the rear platform. This allows GREGOIRE GX9.6 to be used continuously throughout the vine's development. GREGOIRE GX9.6 is equipped with ISOBUS technology, so implements are directly recognized and controlled via the joystick and i-Monitor. This compact, maneuverable forwarder can be used in all types of vineyard and on all types of terrain, from 2 m planting upwards.



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