GRÉGOIRE pneumatic catching paddle train system

GRÉGOIRE presents a new seal system, present on the entire range of its grape harvesting machines (GRÉGOIRE patent).

The seal principle is based on the unique catching paddle train system, which is now equipped with a pneumatic membrane.

The controlled air pressure in the membrane has a number of advantages:

- Optimised ground seal : no loss of grapes onto ground

- Ease of use: valves allow straightforward control of air pressure with the membrane

- Adapts perfectly to the effort of the paddle, in accordance with the characteristics of the vine: respects each vine and the vineyard as a whole, whilst protecting against plant disease and death

- Allows the user to control the life of the paddle: possibility of increasing or reducing the rigidity of the paddles, reduced maintenance costs

- No maintenance required: factory installation of the pneumatic paddle train, removal of stiffeners

- Can be adapted to existing machines: pneumatic paddle train can be fitted on existing GRÉGOIRE machines

Combined with a long seal area, the new pneumatic paddle train ensures high work output for all GRÉGOIRE Grape Harvester machines.